The Sycamore's Spirit Healing Retreat is intended to be a safe haven within which you
can nurture and expand your spirituality, utilizing many different avenues and experiential

Spiritualism is your own personal relationship and/or experience with God. It does not
require any intermediary to access this relationship. It is simply a personal way of
communicating with your Higher Source and of seeking guidance. It does not put any one
religion or belief system above another, but is "bigger" in the belief that "We are all one".
Not only are we one with each other as humans, but with all things including animals,
water, the earth, the rocks, etc.. Everything is made of energy and has a life force, and it
is in this way that we are all related. Energy never ends or dies, it simply changes form.
What you do to one, you do to all. Therefore, we need to act wisely and also accept
responsibility for our actions at all times.

We are here to evolve spiritually. We are here to help each other evolve spiritually. Welcome
to The Sycamore's Spirit, where like the sycamore tree we can spread our branches
upward to drink in the glorious light of Creator, and sink our roots deep into our nurturing
Mother Earth for nourishment. Thank you for joining us on our journey toward enlightenment
and oneness!

    "Be grateful for the struggles…
    Be thankful for the lessons…
    It will wash your Spirit clean.." - Walela


    Wanishi (Thank you)
    Sheryl Water Beech Kealey
    Dave Paxson


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    192 Tipple Road  Waterville, Pa 17776